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Baby Blues versus Postpartum Depression

Thursday, January, 3, 2019

When Baby Blues turn into Postpartum Depression

Having a baby is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. Babies bring out an abundance of different emotions. Most of those emotions are positive and exciting. However, there are also negative and even frightening feelings that can accompany the birth of your child.

Baby blues is a common name used to describe feelings new moms experience after coming home from the hospital. These “blues” refer generally to the feelings of sadness, anxiety and fear.

Giving birth and transitioning yourself into becoming a mother (or a mother of more than one) is not always the happiest time of your life. Society portrays new moms to be always happy and positive.  This picture is not always realistic. It is normal to be exhausted, feel vulnerable, to have crying spells, feelings of anxiety, depressed mood, and various other negative symptoms. Many mothers feel terrible about negative emotions after the birth of their child and blame themselves for being “bad mothers”. Experiencing these feelings is normal and does not make you a “bad mom”. 

Seeking out some relief and assistance should be one of the priorities for any mom. You will be a better mom when you are able to get an extra nap, take a moment to meditate, have trusted people to take the baby duty so you can spend a little time alone to reconnect with yourself.

Even though experiencing the negative emotions is normal in these circumstances, when these feelings last for more than two weeks, it is important to seek help. When these feelings don’t dissipate and lessen in intensity, they may develop into Postpartum Depression. In this case it is important that the mother seek out professional help as soon as possible.


-- Marina Milicevic, LPC