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Basic Anxiety

Wednesday, January, 27, 2016

Anxiety is one of the most valuable alarm systems of the body.

Examine the context of your life, not only the immediate environment during the anxiety attack. Emotional honesty is the key to success in recognizing your triggers.

Most of the times, it would be normal for you to have anxiety in the context of your life events – normalize it instead of fearing it. That step alone will create a decrease in anxiety, which in turn will lead to clearer thinking process and improved decision making that will lower the anxiety.

Review the context of your situation: external (not under your control) factors and internal (under your control) factors.

What can you change?

Always work with only the one most immediate problem at the time!

Talk about your anxiety. Ride out the wave.

Seek professional help.

-- Anneli Riismaa, PsyD