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Wednesday, January, 27, 2016

In any relationship: commitment gives you the longevity of the relationship, but communication gives you the quality of it.

LISTENING – the single most important skill you will ever have. Practice reflective statements; listen to the affect and watch for non-verbal communication.

Communication with self: taking time with you on daily basis; thinking; reflecting; being honest with yourself. You can’t be there for others if you are not well. Do you know your early signs of emotional wearing out? Do you know what will “fix” you? Do you communicate that to your loved ones? How do you talk to yourself?

Communication with others: taking time to talk to family members regularly, especially to your spouse; establishing clarity and definitions of terms with others; do not practice mind reading; criticism, “silent treatments”, and contempt/sarcasm. These are the number one killers of relationships (including the one you have with self).

Alone time. Communication in prayer or meditation: daily prayer or meditation, and the improvement of it. This is your foundation and your key to the knowing of yourself.

-- Anneli Riismaa, PsyD