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Emotional Health

Wednesday, January, 27, 2016

Emotional health is the ability to control emotions and behavior; to be able to handle life’s challenges; recover from trials; and maintain and strengthen relationships. Just like with physical health, effort is required.

Emotional honesty is a requirement for emotional health. Emotional honesty is being honest about one’s true feelings and being vulnerable. Emotional honesty unlocks the power to grow. Vulnerability means that we recognize our genuine feelings like helplessness, fear, loneliness, failure, etc., which are masked by the feeling of anger. Vulnerability is the core of love, belonging, happiness, courage, empathy, and creativity. We have been endowed with a wide range of emotions and we need to learn to use them well.

Emotional prevention: avoid “emotional explosions” – address the issue when it is still small and relatively insignificant instead of waiting until you can’t take it anymore; expression of feelings – it is okay to express how you feel.

-- Anneli Riismaa, PsyD