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Mental Vitamins

Friday, February, 19, 2016

Most of us are relatively health conscious when it comes to our physical bodies. People are eating better and cleaner foods. More individuals and families turn away from GMOs, gluten, and sugar, and opt for organic, whenever possible. People exercise and consume daily supplements to assist their bodies in recovering from illnesses or to simply sustain health and youthfulness.

Sadly, many of us neglect our emotional, spiritual and mental health, when it comes to the same daily management routine. How many of us meditate or pray daily? Do we watch what we allow into our brains as carefully as we watch our diets for our bodies? How many hours of mindless and mentally numbing, even deadening material do we allow into our brains via television, music and radio? Are the messages that we hear uplifting and positive? Do we sustain life for our feelings and our thoughts? That's why we provide daily mental vitamins. Commit to reading something positive an uplifting every day. Monitor your consumption of mental and emotional junk food. And follow us on Twitter or Instagram for your daily dose of mental vitamins.