Therapy for Individuals, Couples, & Families
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Dr. Anneli Riismaa is a licensed clinical psychologist focusing on a wide rage of individual and group psychological services. The list below outlines common services provided, but does not include custom therapy solutions based on individual needs. Please contact us for further information.

Individual and Group Therapy

We serve individuals, families and couples with a full range of psychological services.

Psychological Assessments

We provide a full range of assessments, including cognitive and personality assessments, aptitude and achievement testing, using objective and projective measures.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation services allow divorcing couples to amicably agree to a parenting plan, division of assets, and support. Mediation reduces drastically the time of divorce process as well as the expense of it.

Trauma and Abuse

We help individuals with trauma and abuse backgrounds - processing of mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse history with adults as well as with adolescents; and provide counseling for domestic violence.


We believe in healthy relationships and are committed to assisting you on the path of improved communication and intimacy in the relationships.


We are committed to assisting the children to become healthy and happy individuals. We give them the best tools for coping and help them with any difficulties that they face.


Perhaps one of the more unique services that we offer is working with individuals as well as spouses who are struggling with problems arising from pornography use. We assist the individual, the marriage and the family members affected by it.

Spirituality and Religion

Therapists at Riismaa Psychological Services, Inc. incorporate your religious views and spirituality in your treatment.

Processing Groups

We run weekly processing groups for women who have domestic violence, trauma or abuse. These groups include women whose partners have been pornography users.

Parenting Groups

Join a 10-week parenting skills improvement course led by experienced therapists. Couples and single parents are welcome. Topics covered: child development, behavior modification, parenting styles, raising successful children, etc.

Therapeutic Art Tutoring

Intuitive based art classes and workshops that help to explore our feelings in the now. The classes are for people who feel a call to embrace creativity and are yearning to express their own artistic style. Classes available in home studio as well as in the office space. No artistic ability required. Group and private classes for adult women and men as well as younger students are available.

JaredFS, A Therapeutic Art Tutor.