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Stress Induced Depression

Wednesday, January, 27, 2016

The body has a way of telling us that something is wrong with us: the body delivers pain, and shuts some of the emotional, mental as well as physical aspects down to recover or to protect itself.

Being emotionally overwhelmed for a long period of time or being under prolonged stress without a recovery period may result in depression or physical illness.

What are early signs of depression? Ex: having a hard time getting out of bed; can’t function properly; physical illness; excessive tiredness; increased irritability; change in sleep; feeling down; memory diminishes; loss of enjoyment in daily activities; hopelessness, etc.

Early intervention: get uninterrupted sleep, exercise, eat better, talk to other adults, establish a routine, get professional help, and get help from your spiritual/religious organization.

Depression cycle runs on the average for about 2-3 months.

Look in your life for something that you can change.

We live in an instant gratification and a quick fix society. Look for a change with a long term impact – making it will take some time.

Emotions need exercise and it may hurt to exercise your emotions. Ex: Physical therapy after a broken bone – painful exercise and time are required to restore the physical functioning.

Action is the antidote for depression.

Depression is real. Get professional help! 

-- Anneli Riismaa PsyD