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The Quest For Happiness

Monday, December, 12, 2016

The search for happiness lies within each human being. What is happiness? That answer may vary from individual to individual, but there is always a common thread that reflects internal peace. Achieving internal peace is a difficult yet at the same time a remarkably simple process. The end result would can somewhat be described as being able to look at yourself in the mirror at night and being able to tell yourself that you did well today. It is not so much of a destination but a journey. Internal peace is not achieved with perfect harmony every hour every day. It is a process of growth that results in a ever so little bit better "me" daily. It is a journey of doing our best - whatever that may be in the moment. Of not criticizing ourselves and others around us. It is a journey of self acceptance and self improvement. We need to mindful of our emotional state throughout the day and beware of our pitfalls. We need to learn to redirect ourselves in the beginning of a downward spiral, and to remove ourselves from individuals who tear us down and undermine us. It is a long journey but certainly one worth taking.